HOPE Is Honored For Three Of The Past Four Years…

New York, NY, August 5, 2019 – Looking for some inspiration in the daily grind of nonprofit management? Nonprofit New York has chosen 13 organizations as semifinalists in its 2019 Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Through its Awards program, Nonprofit New York is moving forward diverse, stand-out nonprofits who show promising practices in nonprofit excellence. The organizations are now one step closer to becoming the winner of the Awards, and the chance to share their insights with the nonprofit sector through Nonprofit New York’s annual Best Nonprofit Conference.

The Awards, a program run by Nonprofit New York for more than a decade, is an opportunity to learn Nonprofit New York’s Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. The Conference gives all nonprofits a way to learn from – and aspire to – the best practices of the Award winner, and other recognized organizations.

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