When I was laid off from a retail job, I wanted to learn new skills to build a career. That’s when I discovered HOPE. I felt like I was being pushed in the right direction and encouraged to explore different career paths. It was so helpful to hear from my instructors about how they dealt with being young and trying to find their way.

When I applied for an apprenticeship at a startup that helps young adults like me enter the tech field, the HOPE staff were there for me. They helped me with my resume and practiced interviews with me. They also asked if I needed any attire for working in a corporate environment.

With that support, I completed the apprenticeship and was recently offered a full-time job at the same company! In my position, I work with career coaches to help jobseekers develop tech skills. I like that I am making a bigger impact in the community. And I’m so grateful to HOPE for being genuinely invested in my career path.