My first prison sentence was 5 years; my second was a decade. In prison, I found the confidence I needed to go from a GED to a master’s degree.

Even with an education. I came into this world 40 years old, almost no job experience, and in the midst of a pandemic. It was a scary time. My parole officer told me about HOPE and they embraced me in a away that changed everything.

HOPE has these computer classes – I had been away from computers for 10 years and couldn’t even really function on a cell phone. Now technology is wonderful.

And I earned certifications that guys who have been in the field for years still need to get.

But HOPE was more than that. They helped me cultivate something new inside of me and grow. Today, because of HOPE, I work for a commercial solar installation company. They’re partnering with HOPE to give people like me who are brand new to the industry an opportunity.

Everybody in my family keeps asking me how I’m doing it. I got to take some of the credit, but I couldn’t have done it without HOPE.