My husband didn’t tell me about the drugs, so it was a shock when I was arrested and sentenced to four years in federal prison. When I lost my children, I felt like I lost all reason to stay alive.

When I was released, my felony kept me from getting a job and I lived on the streets. Then the unimaginable happened. My parents lost their home to Hurricane Maria, moved to New York, and asked me for help. That’s when I knew I needed a change.

“HOPE reconnected me with the abilities within myself…I now have my dream job as a Kitchen Manager.”

A counselor at my homeless shelter told me about HOPE. I learned new computer skills and how to make my past experience as a cook stand out on my resume. I had lost touch with who I was. HOPE gave me a new platform for life.

Because of HOPE, I now have my dream job as a Kitchen Manager. But I’m not stopping there—I am working to launch my own bread company and want to teach others to cook professionally. Most importantly, I want to reconnect with my children and make my mom proud.