What we do

Our model:
Work. Grow. Sustain.

Our work is rooted in big, bold ideas.

We believe there’s a future in which all New Yorkers can gain long-term financial stability through comprehensive, system-disrupting workforce development that leads to sustainable employment.


HOPE empowers New Yorkers to build sustainable futures through comprehensive training, jobs, advancement and lifelong career support.



We envision career paths for New Yorkers who are working to overcome systemic and other barriers: racism in hiring, health disparities, criminal legal system involvement, and the persistent digital divide. Through HOPE’s investment in emerging economies and green jobs our graduates gain long-term financial stability, transferable skills, and resources they can return to the community in which they live. With access to holistic support and sustainable careers, our graduates disrupt cycles of inequity and injustice.

Our focus:

Green careers

Our clients build skills in the green economy and bring climate
mitigation tools to their communities.

Neighborhoods bearing the brunt of climate change’s impacts often lack trees and shade cover, creating hotter microclimates within cities.

Buildings in these neighborhoods often lack energy-efficient appliances and therefore energy costs are higher than those more able to afford and access these upgrades. On top of these issues, there’s also the potential for poor air quality and ensuing health disparities.

Equipping these communities experiencing climate change’s consequences at disproportionate levels with tools to adapt and mitigate its growing effects, makes these neighborhoods livable for years to come.

And, we know that green jobs are the jobs of the future; we’re readying our students for green careers, for life.

Bring sustainability to your community

We develop and support green infrastructure projects, green spaces and community gardens, energy efficient buildings.

You can bring our crews in to clean up a local park or paint your commercial rooftop with an energy efficient coating, and you’ll provide our jobseekers with opportunities to apply their new skills and make our city cleaner and more resilient.


Through our programs, we address systemic inequities within communities or for those carrying historic trauma and hardship.

Our signature program, HOPEworks, builds transferable and essential skills like introductory math and digital literacy, which all participants have access to. Our green programs target specific industries like green infrastructure and horticulture.


Our exploratory green initiatives build knowledge in cutting-edge spaces that improve the economic wellbeing of our clients.

We’re currently exploring and planning ways to advance transportation equity, as members of a consortium called the Equitable Commute Project.

Our board regularly establishes task forces to assess opportunities in new spaces.