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New York Post: Intervine allows New Yorkers to pivot their careers

If you’ve been laid off, now is the time to pivot your skills into a new career Some people think they’ve hit a dead-end when the industry in which they’ve built their career downsizes, temporarily closes or shuts down. But “there’s no reason to lose hope,” said Kenneth Johnson, president of East Coast Executives, a recruitment […]

HOPE Featured in The New York Times: When the Economy Stalled, They Needed Laptops to Move Ahead

By John Otis The first time William McCollum was released from prison, his mother pleaded with him to stop selling drugs. But Mr. McCollum, who had had previous run-ins with the police, made no such promises. “Nobody’s going to help me,” Mr. McCollum recalled thinking those decades ago. “I screwed my life up so now I […]