Since Butter Beans was founded in 2008, we have collaborated with HOPE graduates to create warm, efficient school cafeteria environments. HOPE has become one of our most reliable sources for new hires. In fact, some of our most tenured and successful employees are HOPE graduates, who always show up with a smile, are conscientious, motivated and trustworthy.

Patrick Persons / Butterbeans

At FLIK Hospitality Group, we believe in great food, great service, and great people. We’re so proud to work with The HOPE Program to host unique internships in the world of hospitality in New York and recruit some of these great people to be a part of our team.

FLIK Hospitality Group

Bright Power trusts The HOPE Program to develop candidates that meet our high standards in solar installation. We greatly value The HOPE Program’s work and are honored to have received an award for our partnership.

Jeff Perlman / Bright Power

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