Sustainable Careers

Our clients earned a collective $17.1 million in wages in FY’21, a 400% increase since 2015, and a direct investment in communities that have historically lacked generational wealth.

Job Placement

Our program starts careers. 73% of HOPE graduates secure jobs annually.

Full-Time Job Rates

The vast majority of our graduates’ jobs are full-time. Graduates not only have increased income after completing our program, but also access to a wide range of benefits through full-time jobs.

Average Starting Wages

Average starting hourly wages for our jobseekers are well above the New York City minimum wage, reflecting the value of the skills that our programs teach.

90-Day Job Retention

HOPE performs in the top tenth percentile of workforce development organizations nationally with regard to 90-day job retention. Our 90-day job retention rate is more than 20 points higher than the national median! (National Workforce Benchmarking Project, Spring 2014).

1-Year Job Retention

HOPE takes pride in our strong one-year job retention rate, a proxy for long-term success in the workforce.


HOPE makes a long-term commitment to our graduates, helping them enroll in additional educational opportunities as well as identify and apply for advanced positions. Congratulations to all of our graduates who are climbing the career ladder!

$17.1 Million in Wages

In 2021 alone, HOPE students and graduates earned $17.1 million in wages through transitional and permanent jobs across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, helping to support their families and build stronger communities.

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