Green and Clean HVAC

Green and Clean HVAC is a program for careers in the expanding heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and heat pump industry, with a focus on the installation and maintenance of high efficiency technologies.


Length: 12 weeks

Certifications: OSHA 30 Construction, 8hr Fall Prevention, 2hr Drug/Alcohol Awareness, EPA 608, GPRO Mechanical

Schedule: M-F 9-5

Next start date: TBD

Typical career paths for graduates: HVAC Maintenance, Construction

New laws in New York City are requiring buildings to upgrade their heating and cooling systems to be more energy efficient. As a result, job opportunities in this field are booming. The Green and Clean HVAC program trains jobseekers in the management and maintenance of energy efficient heating and cooling systems across New York City.

All jobseekers in Green and Clean HVAC are paid a stipend up to $125 per week and complete a paid internship in the sector.

In addition, program participants receive the skills, training and education within the HOPEworks curriculum, including: digital literacy, resume writing, interviewing skills and more.

Our holistic services include professional clothing, meals, and mental health case management.

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I learned essential job skills and how important it is that these units run efficiently. I learned a lot through my paid internship at Lion Enterprises and I’m so happy to be hired there full time now.


And, we continue to support you long after you begin your career.

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